After a record-breaking premiere at the Sydney Opera House in 2016, the recreation of the 1956 Broadway production My Fair Lady returns to Sydney for an encore season at the Capitol Theatre.

After many conversations the idea was broached about recreating the original production in its entirety. The challenge we had was establishing what remained of ground plans, the costume and set designs and the original creative team and cast.

And so began the slow process of uncovering all the elements that had made the original so great. Trips to Wisconsin, London, New York City and Los Angeles were made and hours were spent trawling over drawings, costume and set designs in the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Arts Centre Melbourne Performing Arts Collection just to name a few. Cold calls were made and leads were given as the journey unfolded. Along the way the team were fortunate enough to meet with the previous assistants of Cecil Beaton (the original costume designer) and Oliver Smith (the original set designer), who uncovered important materials that made recreating the magic of the 1956 Broadway production a step closer to reality.

Now, after many years of research and collaboration we are delighted to be staging the recreation of the 1956 Broadway production of My Fair Lady with none other than the world-renowned Julie Andrews as the show’s director. The lady who created and made the role of Eliza Doolittle so famous for the 1956 production.

This recreation could have opened on any stage around the world, and it is with great pride that it is being staged across Australia in 2016 and 2017.