In this education resource pack we have included a variety of background information and follow up activities to enhance your students’ experience of a visit to the 60th anniversary production of Lerner and Lowe’s My Fair Lady directed by Dame Julie Andrews.



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Teachers Resources


A Note from the Producers of the 60th Anniversary Production DOWNLOAD
Biography of the Composer and Librettist DOWNLOAD
About My Fair Lady DOWNLOAD
Main Characters DOWNLOAD


The activities in these notes have been designed for students from years five through to year ten. Each activity has been linked to one or more content descriptors in the Australian Curriculum (as indicated at the start of the activity). Many of these activities can be adjusted to be taught at different year levels to those suggested as well as changed to include additional content descriptors. Each activity is a suggestion only and is has been written as a springboard for classroom activity. The majority of these activities can be completed either before or after seeing My Fair Lady.


Experimenting with dialects and accents (Year 7 & 8) DOWNLOAD
Dialect, accent, idiom and identity (Year 7 & 8) DOWNLOAD
Investigating accents and characterisation (Year 9) DOWNLOAD
Plotting the narrative arc and investigating the role of song (Year 9) DOWNLOAD
Creating a multi-modal text for a character’s journey (Year 9) DOWNLOAD
Singing versus speaking (Year 9) DOWNLOAD
The challenge of telling stories we know (Year 10) DOWNLOAD
Romance, romantic stories and romantic comedies (Year 10) DOWNLOAD
Adaptations (Year 10) DOWNLOAD


Communicating meaning through song (Year 5 & 6) DOWNLOAD
The stylistic features of musicals (Year 7 & 8) DOWNLOAD
The role of overture (Year 9 & 10) DOWNLOAD
Orchestration (Year 9 & 10) DOWNLOAD
Music as a tool for conveying emotion (Year 9 & 10) DOWNLOAD


Greek chorus and musical chorus (Year 7 & 8) DOWNLOAD
Investigating status (Year 7 & 8) DOWNLOAD
Creating a monologue for a character (Year 9 & 10) DOWNLOAD
Narrating a gibberish scene (Year 9 & 10) DOWNLOAD
The elements of production (Year 9 & 10) DOWNLOAD


Exploring choreography and body parts and body zones (Year 5 & 6) DOWNLOAD
Creating a contemporary dance from a traditional song (Year 7 & 8) DOWNLOAD
Choreographing across styles (Year 9 & 10) DOWNLOAD